Issue #2 Call for Submissions

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Bug Report! is a zine about the frustrations and growing disillusionment of working in technology today.  In a time when tech companies have an utter stronghold of power and workers are feeling increasingly alienated and ready for change, we want to provide an outlet to empower our voices and connect us to one another.

We’re looking for submissions for our second issue: writings, interviews/profiles, poetry, games, photographs, drawings, screenshots— anything that can be pasted on a page and printed out. We regard “tech workers” as anyone who works in tech, including engineers, designers, cafeteria staff, warehouse workers, researchers, contractors, etc.

If you have a piece that you’d like to submit but need assistance editing, email us and we can help.

Ideas for topics include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Questions that people are embarrassed to ask about work
  • Experiences we take for granted as tech workers but shouldn’t
  • Returning to the tech industry
  • Actual vs. perceived work norms (e.g. 8 hours of productivity a day)
  • Frustrations of dealing with the arbitrariness of hiring
  • Experiences with recruiters
  • Automating your coworkers out of a job
  • Expectation created by education vs realities of jobs

Check out our first issue of Bug Report! here:

Submissions should be sent to:

Deadline:  Sunday, March 17st, 2019


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